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Leaking Shower Repairs with No Tiles Removed
Your Shower and Bathroom Waterproofing Experts
No need to remove tiles and replace a shower pan membrane

Need a leaking shower or bath sealed?

Shower base leaks fixed with our waterproofing solution!

From only $440 At No Tiles Removed

We just stop your leaks.Waterproofed, Repaired and Sealed!

A leak can come from any number of areas or in many cases just one area. 95% of showers leak due to building movement and from weakening and cracking of the grout causing hair line cracks and the loosening of tiles, thus breaking your seal which leads to a leaking shower.

This allows the water to get in behind the tiles and can cause further damage to your home from your leaking shower. A leaking shower left for a long period of time can cause damage to structural timbers and concrete.

At No Tiles Removed
We offer a waterproofing service
that fixes your leaking shower and meets your budget.
We can seal & repair a leaking base of a standard tiled shower for only
$440 GST inclusive

Standard Shower Seal Repair Definitions

Fix the leak - Methods explained?

Single & Double Base Seal:-

Remove from the base any mouldy or deteriorated sealants such as silicon causing the leak . Remove grout from around the drain,(waste),section.
Prepare the wall and floor junction with a specialised diamond drill.
Remove all waste material & vacuume excess dust from prepared areas.
Silicon the internal areas of the shower screen.
Apply our sealant to the wall and floor junctions and drain (waste) areas
Waterproof the floor area using our sealant barrier.

Full Shower Seal:-

Which Includes - A Base Seal ( As Above ) & Wall Regrout and Seal

Repair - Bath / Stand Alone Bath / Spa bath Seal

Perimeter Floor Seal

Kitchen Splash Backs

Sealing Vanities

Areas We Service

Gold Coast
Central Coast

*In Qld Jobs Under $3300 Only as advised by the QBSA
Showers leak due to building movement and waterproofing failure.

Where does it leak from?
How long after the service can I use my shower?
How long does it take to fix my leak?
Other companies are almost twice the price?
No Tiles Removed Latest Repairs
The Good - Standard Size Shower Base Seal
June-2012 shower - Floor and Wall Separation
An Example of floor and wall seperation leading to membrane breakdown.
The Bad - Uneven Floor of a shower
august 2012 - Bad Tiling
An example of a very bad tiling job
Sealed and repaired
The Ugly - Shower Covered in mould
Image of a mouldy shower
This shower would need
the mould removed first