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Fix a Leaking Shower?

Our Leaking Shower Services are compromised of Professionally trained Technicians using Quality Materials and Products. Giving you peace of mind knowing that the job will always been done right!

No Tiles Removed Areas Serviced

Mobilising Shower Repair

Call Us Today to fix your shower leak. We always have technicians in All Areas We Service!

Signs Your Shower is Leaking

Shower Waterproofing

Shower Leaking? Repair your bathroom leaks with No Tiles Removed. Learn to spot the signs of any leaks before it’s too late.  Rotting Timbers and Damp Carpet are sure signs you have a shower leak !

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from 225 dollars waterproofing

Need a leaking shower or bath sealed?

Shower base leaks fixed with our waterproofing solution!

From only $440 At No Tiles Removed

We just stop your leaks.
Waterproofed, Repaired and Sealed!

floor and wall separation in a leaking shower

A leaking shower can come from any number of areas or in many cases just one area. 95% of showers leak due to building movement and from weakening and cracking of the grout causing hair line cracks and the loosening of tiles, thus breaking your seal which leads to a leaking shower.

This allows the water to get in behind the tiles and can cause further damage to your home from your leaking shower. A leaking shower left for a long period of time can cause damage to structural timbers and concrete.

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shower base seal standard size

At No Tiles Removed we offer a shower waterproofing service that fixes your leaking shower and meets your budget. We can seal & repair a leaking base of a standard tiled shower for only $440 GST inclusive

Bath Sealing

Bath Leaking?
  • Stand Alone Seal
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Shower Bath

Standard Seal
  • Shower Bath Leaking?
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  • Leaking shower bath seal

Std Base Seal

Under 1 sqm
  • Up to 1sqm shower
  • Leaking Shower?
  • Trusted Experts
  • Standard size shower under 1 sqm waterproofing

Dbl Base Seal

Over 1 sqm
  • Dbl size shower repair
  • Fixed Price
  • Don’t pay $800
  • Double size leaking shower repair

Leaking Shower Repairs with No Tiles Removed
Your Shower and Bathroom Waterproofing Experts
No need to remove tiles and replace a shower pan membrane

Showers leak due to building movement and waterproofing failure.

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Why Does My Shower Leak ?

Where does it leak from?

95% of all leaks come through the floor. Normally it is where the wall tiles meet the floor Or in rare cases it can leak through the waste. Using our process your leaking shower repair is backed with our guarantee that gives you peace of mind knowing the job is done right!

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How Long is the Service?

How long does it take to fix my leak?

On average a standard size shower takes between 1 to 4 hours to complete. We are constantly updating and training our technicians in the latest technology and processes as they come to hand to ensure that every leaking shower repair is done right!

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When Can I Use My Shower?

How long after the service can I use my shower?

The recommended time after the technician is finished the repair is 12-24 hours. Our products are the best in the industry allowing you to use your shower within a day.

Why are you so cheap?

Why Are We So Cost Effective?

Other companies are almost twice the price?

We just don’t make you pay for anything that is not necessary.
Other companies will give you great big technical terms to wow you over.
Not here, We just fix your leaks.
Our service is targeted at people who want what all the other companies offer but at a realistic rate.
We won’t cost in areas that do not need doing.
Our technicians will advise you on any other repairs that are needed when they come to the job. We guarantee our products and work for 5,12 & 25 years depending on what service you need. So peace of mind comes with the satisfaction you haven’t been overcharged for work you did not need in the first place!

Standard Shower Seal Repair Definitions

Fix the leak – Methods explained?

Single & Double Base Seal:-

  • Remove from the base any mouldy or deteriorated sealants such as silicon causing the leak.
  • Remove grout from around the drain,(waste),section.
  • Prepare the wall and floor junction with a specialised diamond drill.
  • Remove all waste material & vacuum excess dust from prepared areas.
  • Silicon the internal areas of the shower screen.
  • Apply our sealant to the wall and floor junctions and drain (waste) areas
  • Waterproof the floor area using our sealant barrier.

Full Shower Seal:-

  • Which Includes – A Base Seal ( As Above ) & Wall Re-grout and Seal

Other services we provide

  • Shower Bath Seal / Full and Standard
  • Bath Repairs – Bath / Stand Alone Bath / Spa bath Seal
  • Perimeter Floor Seal of Bathrooms and Wet Areas
  • Kitchen Splash Back Sealing and Re-Grouting Services
  • Sealing Vanities and Kitchen Tiles

Areas We Service

Melbourne – Sydney – Brisbane – Gold Coast – Adelaide – Newcastle – Central Coast – Perth

*In Qld Jobs Under $3300 Only as advised by the QBSA


Happy Customers Reviews

Sandra, SA

Sandra – Brighton, Adelaide

I wanted to drop you a line to say what a great job Neil has just done with the shower at our house in Brighton.
He was very professional with a very polite and friendly manner.
Sometimes people who do good work need to be acknowledged so I thought I would take the time to do that.
Thanks, Sandra

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Robert, WA

Robert – Rivervale, Perth

Thought I would give you some feedback.
Anthony rocked up spot on time 7.30am. I’m not used to punctuality.
His work was first class.
Not only did he do a great job he even cleaned up after himself, Cheers.
I will be recommending your company to one and all.

Read More..

Julie, VIC

Julie – Greensborough, Melbourne

When the technician arrived he assessed that the problem was bigger than what expected. Seems I had a plumber fit a waste incorrectly. The technician removed the old waste and went and got the correct one. We had water dripping through a light fitting downstairs and paid a plumber to fix it, Which was done incorrectly. The only extra cost we had to pay was for the removal and replacement of this drain. The incorrect drain had caused our framework to swell which had broken our shower seal.
This company was so thorough and the technician did the job without leaving any mess.
We can’t believe how the shower looks now.
Thank you No Tiles Removed

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Tom, QLD

Tom – Kangaroo Point, Brisbane

I went with a one man business for cost.Never could get him back after my spa bath still leaked. No tiles removed fixed the problem first first go and I also got a 12 year guarantee. The customer service was far beyond what I would have expected for a company of this sort.
I was so happy I had to write something to them.
If you guys publish this make sure you let everyone know I am so happy with the service you provided and all follow up communication.
Pays to do the research

Read More..

Jodi, QLD

Jodi – Gold Coast

After countless plumbers expensive leakage ‘tests’ to stop an under-tile leak onto brand new carpet, I was fed up.
I did some research online and came across No Tiles Removed.
They sealed 1 shower and 1 shower bath, and within a week the carpet was dry for the first time in months.
No Tiles Removed technicians and sales people were professional and easy to work with.
They even helped me to be reimbursed for costs from my strata!
For any bathroom leaks, I couldn’t recommend this company more highly.

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Rani, NSW

Rani – Kellyville, Sydney

Cautious about unknown Companies. I spoke with a lady and wanted to speak to a tradesman to ask my questions. She said she could help me and she was very knowledgeable and helpful. They quoted me over the phone and after sourcing some other quotes I went with no tiles removed. Best decision I ever made. They did the job almost 12 months ago and I thought I’d write this as I am now seeking to get my other bathroom done.
Best Decision I Ever Made

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John, NSW

John – Mosman, Sydney

We had no tiles removed come out to fix our shower.
Their tech was very professional and the job was done quickly.
It has been 4 months now and still no leaks.
I highly recommend this company as they do what they say.
Happy Customer

Read More..

Richard, QLD

Richard – Manly, Brisbane

They fixed my Ensuite perfectly. No more shower leaks!
I was that impressed I called them back to seal my main as well.
It didn’t need it but now I am assured of no leaks !
So happy, I got my other one done as well!

Read More..

Karen, QLD

Karen – Southport, Gold Coast

I couldn’t believe it was so cheap. Had to be a catch?
They fixed my leaking double sized shower.
I told a friend who used them the very next day.
Very impressed 5 stars

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Evan, SA

Evan – West Croydon, Adelaide

I had a shower that was leaking and I was told to retile.
No Tiles Removed fixed it for a quarter of the price.
I highly recommend them.

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Margaret, NSW

Margaret – Newcastle

Professional Customer Service. Their customer service was a welcome addition to getting my shower sealed.
The gentleman I spoke to went through every step with me before I decided.
I would highly recommend them.
Their customer service was very professional.

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Elizabeth, NSW

Elizabeth – Copacabana, Central Coast

The technician was so courteous and polite.
And he didn’t mind me watching what he did. So quick and easy to them.
Well worth the money.
5 Stars!

Read More..

Bernie, NSW

Bernie – West Ryde, Sydney

Here I was thinking my problem was going to cost me thousands.
Thank-you No Tiles Removed for fixing my shower bath so quickly.
Why didn’t I do this earlier

Read More..

Marcus, NSW

Marcus – Parramatta, Sydney

I had quotes from companies saying i had to do the whole shower which was going to be expensive.
I purchased a base seal and guess what…problem solved.
The Real Thing

Read More..

Jasmine, NSW

Jasmine – Newcastle

I had my shower leak fixed as it was leaking into downstairs.
While he was here I asked if he could do my bath as well.
Because he was doing the shower, the bath cost less than half price! What a win!
A Fixed Price with No Hidden Costs

Read More..

Deiter, SA

Deiter – Henley’s Beach, Adelaide

My Wife nagged me for ages to stop the shower leaking.
No Matter what i tried, I couldn’t.
She made me ring No Tiles Removed and problem solved.
It pays to hire a professional to do the job once, RIGHT !
She Made Me Do It!

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The Good – The Bad – The Ugly

The Good – Standard Size Shower Base Seal

An Example of floor and wall separation leading to membrane breakdown.

The Bad – Uneven Floor of a shower

An example of a very bad tiling that doesn’t have the correct fall – job Sealed and repaired

The Ugly – Shower Covered in mould

This shower would need
the mould removed by owner first